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The subject of slash

So, the subject of slash. While it creeped me out at the tender age of 11-13, on one magical day after watching Queer As Folk for the first time out of curiosity, innocence as I knew it went out the window. And boy did I love it >:D

Ever since then, I've been slashing male characters left and right. Oh look, they touched, oh, those two looked at each other oddly. TOTALLY DOING IT OMG. Yes, sometimes learning a male gay character - or actor - was on a tv show is what made me tune into said show in the first place, shallow as it may be. I just needed my slashy fix, rightnowplz!

But something happened. I don't know what, but currently, some things regarding slash are getting a little old for me. Hell, I love it, yes I do. But certain aspects of the whole slashing everything has begun to become, oh, a wee bit... redundant perhaps? For me. Maybe I've just had a bit too much of it at once.

*watches f-list at it quickly shrinks* Oh shit :O

I'm a bad slasher. It seems like what other people are seeing now, I don't see it? I've slashed so many fanon pairings, reached, that now I'm like, okay enough already.

Or maybe my sex drive has dried up like a prune and I'm sick of sex, sex, sex. Nooo, I don't mean sex = bad, wrong, SHUN!

I guess I'm just bored of some of the discussions (no you do not want to rape Jensen or see Jared rape Jensen! \o/) , or fics featuring more sex than anything else. Like, pr0n here, pr0n there, now fit in some plot here. Okay, more pr0n! And the utter female character bashing that comes with it all. Ohh I hesitate to even say this because I don't like to poo on fics lol, I mean I've read so many wonderful stuff out there, where sex isn't the sole plot. I'd die without teh fic to sate my needs that my shows fail to give to us.

While I've read slash for quite some time, Clex is the first pairing where I did not feel uncomfortable reading NC-17. And now I'm realizing... I think it's the only pairing where I feel that way. One of the few at least. Gay sex does not disgust me in the least. No seriously, GET YO GROOVE ON, BOYS. And let me watch. But when it comes to fanon pairings, I just can't get into it lately. And yes, many times when I do read fic, it can get quite out of character. Crying every five sentences and acting like little girls in general? Merton Dingle... or Shawn Spencer... wearing leather pants and a lip piercing... long hair, uttering the words "bloody" and "yes, love? " Errrrrr, no thank you.

Hmm, maybe it's just kink!fic that's turning me off. lol. When I do read slash, domestic is the way to go for me. Yay! But, you know, not too fluffy.

Of course, that's not all fics out there, like I said before, I've read many great ones and would die if it didn't exist.

I love seeing slashy moments on tv, absolutely relish in it, but that's it for most pairings. Like, when it comes to buddy love (Shawn and Gus, Cory and Shawn, and the likes of them... Tommy/Merton being an exception because it's almost that canon) I don't know, in the end, I would much rather read a story, or see an intimate scene between them that involves comfort, or a closeness, that does not include sex. Same for incest, Wincest specifically. They're brothers. That's a close enough bond for me. I don't need more than that. For those who slash them however, I'm not judging. Have fun with it! If that's what gets you going, good for you :D

Buddy/family moments get to me much more than something that's sexual. I don't care to look into the deeper meaning of Brian/Justin, surely of course there was more to them than all the shower sex and whatnot, but the constant sex scenes bored the shit out of me, I'm sorry, but it just didn't appeal to me.

I haven't read RPS in awhile. Heh... I think what even get me started on thinking about this post was this whole David Cook/David Archuleta thing going on. Hey, I am a member of cookleta, but damn it, their brotherly love is SOFUCKINGCUTE. For those who see more than that, ya know, no problem with me. But I can't get behind it. I can't do it \o/ Archie is just so innocent and sheltered, it feels wrong to read any naughty fics with him. I mean heck, he's never even been on a date before, I can't see him "totally fucking Cook". Looking at their moments of a big brother/little brother thing is so much more satisfying to me than seeing it as a slashy thing. Though I can understand how someone can take the looks Archie gives him as somewhat of a crush thing. *shrug*

What I would like to see more of is canon gay relationships on television. I'd love more canon. I want something that's actually going to happen lol. But for fuck's sake, stop blocking the damn kisses with your shoulder and/or hand. That's just stupid and pointless. >:(

\o/ Oh, self. Never make posts at midnight, haven't you learned, fool?! You FOOL.

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