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23 November 2010 @ 09:49 pm

- How freaking adorable were Kurt, Burt, and Carole walking down the hallway to Finn? Kurt's face! And his hat.

- Kurt and his wedding magazines and if I heard correctly, having his toys getting married as a kid. I sense a Klaine wedding by the series end! Y/N?

- Sam and Quinn were cute. It's nice that Quinn at least has a guy who appreciates her.

- "I don't want you near me." Karofksy that was so creepy. The way Karofksy ran his finger down his chest and ughh. And that was in public. I hate to imagine what would have happened had they been alone. CC completely sold it in looking terrified. Thank goodness Will saw and his tenderness toward Kurt.

Four for you, Will and Sue! Finn, you disappointed me for awhile there. :(

- Nice to see Rachel form a meeting to help Kurt, and see them band together. Need Rachel/Kurt friendship. And yay for her expressing her disappointment in Finn.

Also, GO MIKE. Loved him and Artie standing up for Kurt. Psh, he so deserved more credit. But go Sam, too. And aww, at least Puck wanted to join in.

- Eee, Kurt and daddy Burt slow dancing. The cuteness of it all! No question he just took his son's hand, another hand on his waist and danced with his son. Then Karofksy had to ruin it all, and PAPA BEAR IS READY. He knows Kurt isn't telling him everything, but when Kurt at least tells him about him threatening his life, not a second later he has Karofsky pinned against the wall. It was awesome.

And Finn's "what the hell" when Kurt said that. After Finn has redeemed himself, now I want them to know everything. I want them to know about the kiss and the touching, and holy shit, Karofsky had better run for his life.

- I couldn't watch them all dancing down the isle. I'm sorry. I just couldn't. EYES WERE KEPT AVERTED. But okay, what I did glimpse as, was so cheesy and so damn cute. The only thing that would have made this better is if Blaine had been there to dance with Kurt. I can just imagine it. ♥__♥

- Burt and Carole. CAROLE. Oh the love. They're officially a family :D Kurt and Finn are officially brothers and family cuteness must ensue.

- I don't even care if it's all about Kurt! When Finn did that, and he and Kurt danced together, and Kurt's face (HIS FACE, AWWW), and !!!!!!!!!! It was beautiful, okay?

And another dance between Kurt and his daddy *happy sigh*. I love this family.

- Okay. So. Kurt transferring. Yeah, the guys step up to defend him and be his bodyguards. But they can't watch for him 24/7. He shouldn't even have to need this protection, he should feel safe already in his own school. It was his parents idea anyhow, and I think Kurt wants to not have his dad worry so much for him. Burt went after Karofksy and Kurt wanted him to stop, because of his health. He doesn't want to put his dad through this, and it's sad that he has to leave, but it's best right now. And besides, Blaine will be there to make him happy! Then however many episodes later, he can come back (after the Karofsky issue is settled) and take Blaine with him. Please?

Next week, BLAIIIINE! Hoping for lots of lovely, happy Klaine moments.

Now I'm dying to see how Burt would react to Kurt getting his first boyfriend.
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Aelora: Glee - Blaine head nodaelora on November 24th, 2010 01:38 pm (UTC)
Just... I agree with everything here! Though, I loved them all dancing down the aisle. I thought it was adorable - especially when Burt came dancing down the aisle! WHY ISN'T HE MY PAPA???

This whole transferring thing just has me full of emotions. After watching the Warblers performance for Sectionals, I just feel so bad for Kurt. I hope things get better soon. I REALLY need to see Blaine going to McKinley with Kurt, and joining New Directions (I kind of need a Rachel and Blaine duet because he would have one of the strongest male voices out of the group). And I think Kurt and Blaine doing a duet during Regionals would walk away with the damn trophy!