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16 November 2010 @ 10:39 pm
- Hee, I love Raising Hope. Tonight's episode was cute as usual. Anyone here watching it? ♥


The little lines were the funniest part for me here. Artie's "What the hell?" and "Gin & Juice". Kurt's "Ooooh my God". Ha!

Rachel I just love ya. Love her and Kurt slipping on the butter.

Tots are VERY worth fighting for, okay? That reminds me I haven't had any in forever. Unacceptable.

Well it was a bit of a let down next to Never Been Kissed, concerning Klaine. On one hand, I wish Blaine's second episode had more of him, and not seen mostly in Mercedes' POV. Then on the other however, aside from her being the third wheel, it was really cute just seeing him and Kurt having fun.

Covering my ears to any negativity, la la la, I'm sure Blaine's next episode will be much more satisfying and the Klaine love won't die down! It was just a weak episode, la la la!

But really, I'm not too concerned. I remain optimistic about their storyline and hope there's more build-up before they can be truly considered a couple. It must be nice for Kurt to have someone to bond with, who understands him more.... and it's nice for Blaine too I'm sure. Some people mentioned it looks like Blaine is trying to impress Kurt, which I totally didn't look for, so I'll have to watch it again. How cute if so! I desperately want to see Blaine feeling the same for Kurt and be the one to pursue something more. Don't break his heart. :(

I almost forgot, Klaine off-screen going to see Rent adsfjk;asdfjkl NEED THEM TO COVER "I'LL COVER YOU" can that please happen?

And Blaine liking sports is now canon, YAY. Now he and Burt need to meet and bond over this.

Kurt wasn't his best toward Mercedes. I felt for her. However it's typical I suppose... and I don't blame him for holding onto Blaine considering what's going on with him right now. Karofsky giving Kurt a creepy winky made me worried for him, though not as much as him threatening his life later on. Oh dear. Of course he'll live through it but I have no idea *how* bad it's going to be. Ohhh boy, when Kurt's daddy finds out what's been going on.... you better run, Karofksy.

Anyway. Klaine is SO happening. I'm definitely more secure with my opinion that Kurtofsky is not going to happen. Plus assuming the Sam/Kurt ship has sailed, I think I would love to see Sam be a closer friend to Kurt, one who can be completely nonchalant about Kurt's sexuality/relationships and just be an ally. That would be pretty enjoyable to me.

But seriously, who are you, Sam? Who are you? And wtf are you doing in the preview? Ahh, can't wait for next week.
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mahaliemmahaliem on November 17th, 2010 11:42 am (UTC)
I watch Raising Hope! Tonight, my daughter and I both started laughing when something happened and laughed even harder when it kept happening.
Jennyladydreamer on November 17th, 2010 01:45 pm (UTC)
Actually, I thought that Blaine was trying to impress Mercedes, or at least get her to like him.

God, I really need to see them singing "I'll Cover You." I needs it for my soul. I'm worried about Kurt with Karofsky being such a villain about things.

Sam was so nonchalant in "Duet" about the idea of singing with a gay dude. Like it totally didn't matter to him. I would like to see that, too. It would give Sam something to do.